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Why My BGC EBS? - Market Data You Need to Know Before You Trade

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If not, we encourage you to register and take advantage of the market data and services we provide. Here's a quick summary:

North American Markets:

Market Data in over 100+ markets... view current bids, offers, transactions and MPI for any market we cover. Additionally, you can access historical trade and MPI data.

     CCA Real-time Markets      CCA Real-time Market Details

Registered users will find information regarding a variety of environmental credits which may include:

  • Acid Rain SO2 Emission Allowances • NOx Ozone SIP Call Emission Allowances
  • REgional CLean Air Incentives Market
  • New Source Review NOx, SOx, VOC, PM10, and CO
  • Discrete Emission Reduction Credits
  • Houston-Galveston Area Mass Emission Cap and Trade NOx Allowances
  • Illinois VOM Allotment Trading
  • Greenhouse Gas Offsets
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Wastewater Credits
  • Biodiversity Credits  

Also, you will find information you need to understand the market. The Market Price Index represents the average of the best bid, best offer, and most recent trades.

Market News and Market Bulletins provide information you should have before you make the buy/sell decisions.



NOx, SO2 and RGGI Market Bulletins (Daily/Monthly)

Keep up to date - Daily and monthly bulletins are available to registered users.

  • Daily bulletins include recent trades, bid-ask spreads by vintage and market volatility.
  • Monthly bulletins provide transactions, MPI, historical charting and insights from our brokerage desk.


Greenhouse Gas Issue Tracking - Federal, State and Regional

Stay up to date on the latest developments in greenhouse gas regulation at the federal, state and regional levels. As laws, regulations and programs rapidly evolve to aggressively limit carbon emissions, you need to stay informed in order to manage risks and capitalize on opportunities. With so many different requirements being established simultaneously, organizations are struggling to track, identify and influence developments that could impact them.